Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Design" Expression.

Taking inspiration from one of my favorite designers, Michael Schwab, I made this poster design to practice my Illustrator skills and create a minimalism artwork with few colors and textures. Felt that this design expressed freedom, wonder, and anticipation all emotions that I feel towards Graphic Design; I also looked towards works of the Modern Movement from designers such as Lester Beall for his clean and wonderful works during the early twentieth century.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Campaign Marks. Revised.

This is an assignment that I worked on a few semesters ago, the assignment was to create a campaign for a solar-electric oven created by the SunBD Corp check the product out here. Through our research of the product we determined our target audience and possible solutions for the campaign.

I began my design process with the creation of a logo for the product as there was not an official one for it. In my design for my logo I used a typeface for the SF that had strong organic shapes. The graphic in the logo design is reciprocal of the solar oven's actual design with a sun in the background of the logo to emphasize it's solar qualities.

For my campaign design I employed a more classical style of design; as I always liked the clothing and interior designs of the 1950s I looked there for inspiration. Running with the tagline "Not your Nana's Oven" the campaign took off. I found images that I felt held good maternal and classical feelings with an incorporation of food and old style ovens. The campaign is finished off with minimal copy at the bottom of the layouts to increase awareness of the product.

Revisiting this design, I took advice from other designers and worked to build a stronger hierarchy with the type as well as created a greater continuity with the type at the bottom. By using Futura throughout the ad campaign I create a more modern feeling which I feel is adequate for the product. I changed the layout a bit by adjusting the color pallets and to one that I felt exemplified the images and product more; by changing the color bar from panning to across the bottom to a left orientation I worked to create a directional move for the viewer's eye to work around the ad more fluidly and make the type easier to read. I further refined the logo as the original model was quite rough and did not work at larger scales, added color for the final logo design.

First Drafts

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The First Design Mark. Revised.

I know it has taken a little bit but here is what I am currently working on; this is a poster design for the Jacksonville Jaguars and is done in The International Typography style of the 1950's. In the design I encorporated the use of Duotones that is used quite often in the time period, for my duotones I used the teams colors to add a good contonuity in the color palette, the team colors are PANTONE® 315 C (Teal) and PANTONE® 125 C (Gold) as well as black and white. Below is the artwork I took inspiration from.

Going back to my design I took the advice I got in my critique to revise it; I feel that this revision is a strong piece due to the continuity show in the color pallet, my initial designs had the text in black which i found to be a bit off putting and threw off the balance. During my critique there was a note that the Dame's Points made a figure like a goal post and I liked the idea so I shifted the ball to help accentuate the concept. Lastly with the text running down i aimed to emphasize a small scene occurring in the bottom left hand corner, a man taking a photo of a girl, that had been obscured through my earlier concepts; The eye is drawn to this point due to both the text and direction of the football

Here is my final poster design for this years football season. As well as initial roughs, thanks for the comments and advice. :)

                                                Second Draft                           First Draft

Hope you all like it, any advice or critiques are always welcome!

The Design Marks.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The beginnings.

This is my first post for my blog; I am using this blog to continue my studies of Graphic Design. Through this blog I would like to analyze my past works as well as new work as I complete it. In regards to my past works I will show my progress through my study as well as refinements and new drafts to work. I would like to invite anyone to provide comments about work submissions as well as any constructive criticism to help further my education in the field. 

The Design Marks.