Saturday, August 18, 2012

The First Design Mark. Revised.

I know it has taken a little bit but here is what I am currently working on; this is a poster design for the Jacksonville Jaguars and is done in The International Typography style of the 1950's. In the design I encorporated the use of Duotones that is used quite often in the time period, for my duotones I used the teams colors to add a good contonuity in the color palette, the team colors are PANTONE® 315 C (Teal) and PANTONE® 125 C (Gold) as well as black and white. Below is the artwork I took inspiration from.

Going back to my design I took the advice I got in my critique to revise it; I feel that this revision is a strong piece due to the continuity show in the color pallet, my initial designs had the text in black which i found to be a bit off putting and threw off the balance. During my critique there was a note that the Dame's Points made a figure like a goal post and I liked the idea so I shifted the ball to help accentuate the concept. Lastly with the text running down i aimed to emphasize a small scene occurring in the bottom left hand corner, a man taking a photo of a girl, that had been obscured through my earlier concepts; The eye is drawn to this point due to both the text and direction of the football

Here is my final poster design for this years football season. As well as initial roughs, thanks for the comments and advice. :)

                                                Second Draft                           First Draft

Hope you all like it, any advice or critiques are always welcome!

The Design Marks.